Walk the Kerry Camino with us on the May Bank Holiday Weekend

Welcome to the Kerry Camino website. We invite you to "walk in the footsteps of St. Brendan, the Navigator", as a walker or pilgrim, on this journey of contemplation and fun. During the years 512-530 AD St Brendan set out from Kerry to spread the Word of God along the coast of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Brittany. Some believe that St. Brendan was the first European to reach America.

We are planning to do our annual hike of The Kerry Camino on the May Bank Holiday Weekend and everyone is invited!

here is a suggested gear list for walking The Kerry Camino

  • Good Boots: water proof hiking boots/trail shoes are suggested these give much more support and grip than running shoes also they are water proof. some of the trail will be wet
  • Rain gear: It may suprise you to know that it sometimes rains in Ireland (even in Kerry) some sort of rain coat and water proof trousers are good to have.
  • Food: you will be walking for the day so bring a packed lunch
  • Drink: bottles of water, tea or coffee in a flask are a good idea as you will be out all day
  • other items that people bring are blister packs, petroleum jelly and a small first aid kit
Be careful out on the trail and enjoy your day.