Contents of The Walkers Pack

Contents of the pack
The Walker’s pack consists of the following:

image of Walker's Pack contents
Kerry Camino Walkers pack
  • The log book
  • A Kerry Camino Leaflet
  • A mountain Safety Leaflet
  • other information

The Log Book

Picture of thekerry Camino Log book from the KErry caminos walker's pack
Log book

The log book is where the walker stores the stamps from the stamping stations to show their progress through the walk so it an inportant document in the Walker’s pack. (download) hereĀ 

The log book opens out into a sheet with spaces for each stamp. Here is a log book that has stamps in it.

Image of Walkers log book from the walker's pack
Opened Walkers log book

The Kerry Camino Leaflet

The Information Leaflet Provides additional information to the walker about some of the sites along the route

The Mountain Safety Leaflet

Give tips to the novice walker on basic safety in the outdoors it also outlines how a walker should behave with regard to private property, closing gates after you and respecting the environment.

Other Information

Depending on where you get your pack there will be other leaflets and information added to the pack as we supply the pack and containing wallet to tourist offices and hotels in the region (for free). These establishments are free to add information on services and things to do in the locality.