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Camp Church Yard
« on: September 25, 2018, 04:50:04 PM »

Does anyone know the name of the ruins that are on the trail just before Camp?  We were on the way to the Seaview B&B.   On the left side of the trail there were two falling down, small buildings.  Right after that was a ruined church yard.   There was a sign that said it was used for babies that died.  I think the buildings were from 1100 a.d.
I walked the trail in August 2018 and I would like to get more info on this place.   It is not mentioned in the trail descriptions.    Thank you!


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Re: Camp Church Yard
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Hi Nolan

the church is Killelton Oratory the buildings are Killelton village whose inhabitants were evicted in the 19th century.

more info

and here quiet intersting may be one of the oldest churches in Ireland
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